Adventure Program

Whether you are the professional in your respective sport or a professional traveler, if you have what it takes to represent our values and brand, we would love to hear from you!

Dead Reckoning is looking to meet enthusiasts and like minded individuals to  be an ambassador for our company and affiliates. Additionally, you will be some of the first to preview, test product development, and be featured on our blog.

Please contact us and provide following information:

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Email

4. Social Media to include Instagram, Youtube Channel, and any others you think best reflect our values.

5. Tell us about yourself! This may include, your background, goals, experiences etc. We also find it helpful to answer these two questions:

A. What does being a Adventure Ambassador mean to you?

B. What inspires your pioneer spirit, your adventures, and your desire to foster positive relationships? 

Thank you for wanting to represent us! #AdventureAwaits